The Friendly Survival Server


We are Prominecrafter!

A Survival Server Looking To Expand.


Will you survive?

Our server is a small survival server where you will have to use your brain to adapt, earn money, and climb the ranks. However, you don't have to go it alone. Team up with other players, trade, and work together to move beyond basic survival to eventually build and thrive. We would like you to think of Prominecrafter as your home away-from-home in the Minecraft universe; Friendly players in a friendly environment that is focused on fun.

Friendly Staff

Prominecrafter admins and staff are here for one reason, to help our users enjoy and make the most of the world of Minecraft. Whether you are a seasoned player, or a "newb" just starting your first Minecraft journey; Feel free to ask our staff questions and tell us what you think. On Prominecrafter, friendly, courteous Help is always nearby.

Players Wanted's rules are based on basic survival gameplay. However, we also feature community builds, group quests, and other fun social aspects that make our server stand out from the rest. We're proud to play here and want you to become part of our expanding community.


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